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    “First Defense automated my home and I have been so pleased! I have loved how easy everything is and the installation tech was so reassuring. I’m a single woman living in Mid-Town Tulsa and I feel so much safer at night now. The reminders for me to set the alarm, being able to adjust the thermostat from the bed and notices about open doors have been a game changer. Why did I wait so long? How did I live without this before?” -Kate

     We had an ADT system installed in our home and after three years of “non-service”, we switched to First Defense. We had no idea how good their service was until we were about to leave for vacation. We were leaving for Florida Sunday evening when we realized there was a problem with one of our doors. The weekend service technician was on a call and could not make it to our house in time. The owner of First Defense came to our house on a Sunday, fixed our door and we made our flight. Thanks, The Robert Family.

    We had another company, owner name Justin install outdoor cameras, wireless security system, carbon monoxide detector along with a new smoke detector. We were shocked when we found out the smoke detector along with the carbon monoxide detector were not in working.  The reason the carbon monoxide and smoke detector were not in working order, Justin installed used equipment plus they were past the expiration date of their detecting capability.  Our outdoor cameras were installed with outdated wiring along with the ports into the cameras were taped to keep them into place.  The wireless security system would not send signals to the monitoring company when the security system was activated.   We received horrible customer service and found out Justin had no integrity.


Ron the owner of First Defense of Tulsa had incredible customer service, lots of integrity, truthful, honest and upfront.  Ron does not upsell but lets you make the choice with the products he represents. He went above and beyond plus installed everything correctly and in working order.  Pricing is fantastic.  Ron installed a new security system, outdoor cameras and a thermostat which we are impressed with everything.  Ron took his time and explained everything and always asked if we had any questions or if he needed to go over anything.  You can tell with his background he really cares about his customers and the safety of their families.  We will be recommending Ron and First Defense of Tulsa to everyone we know.


Burnett Family 

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